LVAD Tank Top for HeartWare

LVAD Tank Top for HeartWare
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LVAD Tank Top for HeartWare - B07VXBMGVR

  • Designed for Comfort / Safety & Concealed

  • LVAD Tank Top for HeartWare Supreme Comfort “Loose Fit” LVAD Shirt Designed for Comfort / Safety & Concealed Designed & Produced in the USA Specifically For LVADs. Comfort: “Loose fit” made with ultrathin spandex Mesh fabric Elastic Battery Support that absorbs battery weight going over shoulder. Proprietary Controller Packet Design forces heat away from body. Safety: Upright Controller Pocket with cinching elastic top to keep secure Velco closers on battery pockets Velcroloops hide and protect cables All pockets double stitched for safety Discrete: Scooped neckline hides below most dress shirts Sleeveless Pocket design conceals shape of battery What Makes LVAD Gear’s HeartWare Tank Top The Best? “Loose fit”made with ultrathin cool spandex Mesh fabric for comfort and to dissipate heat and sweat. Heavy spandex fabric to support batteries with little or no sagging over a full day of wear. Battery Pockets have heat reflecting material between body and batter, heat escaping Fabric towards outside forces heat outwards away from the body. Controller Pockets are made to secure your devices and with our signature top control fabrics to push heat way from the body.

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