The Geek Bride is all about unique and out of the ordinary weddings, it's your day and you don't have to have the traditional white dress and pretty bouquet that the wedding industry seems to hammer into us. Do what you want and have fun!

If you are a wedding photographer looking for some promotion to help get your business going then Geek Bride could be the lady for you. Geek Bride only promote photographers who we think are great and those Geek Bride knows well or has worked with before.

Geek Bride accepts advertising on her blog, however she does hand-pick companies that suit the Geek Bride blog and her readers. Please email for more information on advertising on Geek Bride.

If you sell wedding dresses, stationary or anything you believe would suit the readers of Geek Bride then please drop an email over. This could be about a sponsored post or advertising.

The Fine Details...
Okay here's the details. All sponsored posts will be labelled "sponsored" as well as have a title which will include "Geek Bride Loves..." to any of those who have paid for sponsorship with Geek Bride. Sponsors will also be recommended Geek Bride Vendors.

For more information please email me. Thanks for reading!