About The Geek Bride

Hello there! I'm Helen a.k.a The Geek Bride. I guess I should let you know a bit about me seeing as you clicked on to this page and therefore want to know a bit more about the Geek behind this blog. Well I'm a 25 year old bride-to-be and mother to one. I studied Media Production, Media Studies and Photography - I hated Photography as a course but I still love taking photographs. At the age of 22 years old I found out I was dyslexic, something I simply didn't expect as all my teachers at my school simply say I was dumb or just slower than everyone else and I believed that to be the case. I've been blogging for over 10 years and when I set up Petit Mom (my mummy blog) I found it to be a great way to learn new words, master writing and actually enjoy doing it as well. I have been engaged for a long time now and this is mainly due to cost, but also because weddings seem to always have to be pretty girly days with flowers and Cinderella style carriages - although I have a soft spot for vintage cars which I blame on one of my half brothers - and so set up The Geek Bride. So yeah, that's the basics of the birth of the blog and a little bit about myself. I'm also very short, which sucks but it's often why I use "petit" a lot in my websites and nicknames - the French word makes it sound so nice compared to 'short', right?! The Geek Bride loves video games, gadgets, photography, art and I also admit to being a bit of a My Little Pony fan too... don't tell too many people though!

The Blog has been almost an overnight hit when I posted "How I Got My Wedding Invites" which tells a story of how I asked if I could use a wedding invitation design as my first tattoo to symbolise my partner and I meeting and falling in love and ended up with a tattoo and some awesome wedding invitations. I still can't get over how I went from just me and a few mates clicking on my blog to 100's of people checking my blog out on a day-to-day basis. 

So I hope you enjoy reading my blog on unique and funky weddings that break the mould. Thanks, y'all!