New Found Love of Tattoos

Actually the title is somewhat a lie. I've always had a secret love for tattoos but feared if I ever got them they'd look ugly as I aged. I now have a tattoo just above my hip on the right side of my belly, and although it did feel painful at some points and I still need to book an hour or two to get it coloured I still love it and it's made me realise I want more.

One tattoo design I want is of a mother tiger and a her cub. This is because in the Chinese New Year I was born  a Tiger and my son was also born a Tiger (I was born March of 1986 whilst my son was born April 2010). I have a keen interest in the eastern world and it's culture and this just seemed like a connection I wanted to be proud of and get an amazing bit of art on my body. The trouble is I have yet to see anything that fits the idea that I want and have no idea where it would go!

I have a love for tattoos on the upper part of the arm, however my arms are very skinny and not really that good for such an image. As for my legs... probably the one area of my body that I dislike so much. They are flabby and fat looking compared to the rest of me. About the only other area of my that is so wobbly and big is my arse, which is fine because it's basically a warm pillow that I can take around with me all day and makes most uncomfortable chairs somewhat bearable.

Love some people to throw some ideas my way. I'd rather it wasn't on my back (saving that area) and this is something I want to be able to see.

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