We Have A Date!

We have a date for our big day! I'm currently in the process of sorting out the deposit at the moment but right now it's very much all go for 29th July 2012. Which venue did I pick?

This is The Old Library at The Custard Factory. I've been to this area of Birmingham before and it's so quirky and totally me. There's some beautiful Victorian style shops which have been painted funky colours just outside where there's a cobbled walkway, beautiful indoor area for photographs, wicked looking shops, some more traditional industrial areas as well as some graffiti and old railway bridge as well. I'm totally stoked by this and we have decided to do the reception and ceremony here. The cost of the registry office plus car hire plus fuel for everyone else was just too much and was a huge fuss for everyone as we'd all have to drive into the city centre which is not everybody's cup of tea.

So there we have it, everyone. The Geek Bride has a date! I guess I should start getting other things sorted. I hear a registrar is a must-have.

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So you are a wife now! Congrat!

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