To DIY Food or Not?

This is the first venue that has actually offered us to bring our own food or use their own catering services. But is it really any better to go with a DIY option?

For us it actually works out expensive to go DIY. We like the idea of getting everyone to bring different food, but seeing as we are looking at a small group of family for a meal (with friends being invited to the evening party later on) the £25 per person option came up trumps for us.

So what's the numbers? Well I've done my number crunching with the idea of 25 people (currently looking more like 22) and food plus drink is £875. The hire of the room is £720 so that's £1,595 already totalled up. To hire the room for self-catering it would cost £1,980. This cost doesn't include food or drink at all so really made us question whether self-catering is best for our budget. Currently we are having to say no to it. The first option actually allows me to go with the wedding photographer than I have fallen in love with AND still have some budget left over for anything I may have forgotten or if something goes deeply wrong.

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