Our Wedding Budget is Super Budget!

Okay I've got a budget of £4,000 to work on and I thought I'd be able to do this without any stress at all, but so far I have to admit I'm being defeated by the wedding industry and their insane prices.

Here's what I've worked out how I'm HOPING to use my budget.

Ceremony at Registry Office - £335
Reception - £600
Food & Drink - £900
Bride (dress, accessories, etc) - £299
Groom (clothes, shoes, etc) - £150
Wedding Rings - £300
Photographer - £500
Decorations - £200
TOTAL - £3,284

That leaves us with some room for a honeymoon, but is that even possible?

Well my dress cost me £199 so I have £100 left over on myself. The registry office we are hoping to get is £335, but we may decide on the smaller room instead as we are looking at around 20 people being invited and so that could save us a bit more. The Reception room we have picked is £600 but then that's not including VAT and my maths skills suck too much to have added that nasty thing into our budget. I've not added cake as I'm hoping to make my own, but I guess I may have to add in the fact it'll cost in ingredients no matter what I do. The food and drink is if we use the private catering that the venue we'd like for our reception hire, we haven't asked about doing our own catering or if we could even do such a huge task.

So, ladies (and gentlemen!)...I would love to hear your thoughts so far on what I've come up with. I've actually got an app on my iPhone trying to work out where I can save money on my budget and so on. I must say I feel like you have to have had at least a single married under your belt to be able to budget your own wedding, which is a bit weird to think about but that's how it feels. I've found a photographer although my fianc√© seems be giving me the impression that I don't need a photographer at all, which I don't agree with simply because I want the pictures to remember our day and for our son to keep and show his children and so forth. It may sound daft but that's really how I feel. If his dad could take pictures AND be in them then that would be fantastic, but unless someone invents a cloning machine any time between now and May 2012 then that idea is out of the window. If you have ideas or seen some great websites or blog posts that you think could help me out then please leave a comment below, I would very much appreciate any help you lovely readers give me.

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Anonymous said...

VAT on your reception room will be £120.

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