My Dream Venue... Is Real?!

Okay yesterday I went to see a venue which I had heard so much about from local photographers, other brides and even from university students who had their university balls there in the past. It seemed too good to be real so after handing my son over to his Grandpa for the night I got on a train and left for Birmingham city centre.

Okay I lied a little. Actually I went into the shower, washed more of my red hair dye out and decided I'd give dying my own hair a go. Do note that I am very much blind without my glasses on and cannot see past my own nose without them so this was going to be a right laugh, even with a magnifying mirror infront of me (it didn't help all that much). I'm happy to say it didn't turn out all that bad, only small bits that seem to lack a decide amount of dye but not that notable unless you were staring deep into my hair. Result?

Sorry, this was taken on the train as I realised I was now going to be late if I didn't get a move on.

So after dying my own hair (and worrying that people were staring at me because I may have dyed one of my eyebrows by accident) I got on the train to Birmingham and walked to the venue, which thankfully wasn't too far to get to by foot. I was greeted by a man named Rob who then apologised for the paint work being done. I didn't care as I'm a bit weird and like the smell of paint. Apart from my slightly concerning love for paint I could see past the painters, blankets and scaffolding and saw the perfect venue. I was amazed as the room was big enough that we could consider having the ceremony AND reception in the same place and not have to worry about changing the room setup. Only change that would happen is they'd move the seats from the ceremony area and transform it into a dance floor whilst we sat and had our food. Sounded perfect to me, and a bit quirky which I love, if you hadn't already guessed.

So after I got my questioned answered and we swapped email and telephone numbers I thanked Rob and wandered back into Birmingham and sat my butt down in Urban Coffee Company (thank you Jay Mountford for telling me about this amazing place). I forgot they double shot their coffee so a few hours later I felt I needed another coffee, but I was in the car going home by then after spending some time with my fiancĂ© checking out the Christmas & German Market (if you live in West Midlands I recommend you check this out). For now you can enjoy one of my photographs I took with my iPhone of some of the lights near the Bullring. Enjoy!

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