How I Got My Wedding Invites

I fell in love with Hello Lucky's Vintage wedding invitation design so much that I wanted their two swallows design as my first tattoo. The idea of the tattoo was to show two birds (my partner and I) coming together and each holding a love heart as a symbol of our love. I still have yet to get it coloured in, so you sadly only get to see the outline.

I actually emailed Hello Lucky asking if they would be okay with me using their design. I don't like ripping people's work without permission so thought was best to ask first. I was amazed to have gotten a fast reply and how they had never got asked this before and so sent me some samples for my tattoo artist to work with. I thanked them very much for all this and promised to show them a photograph once it was done.

Voila! I emailed them a photograph of it and they emailed me back saying the lovely people in San Francisco were so happy with this and offered me free invitations of the same design! I got a bit teary as I wasn't expecting this at all, I was imagining myself sitting in our lounge trying to make my own cards whilst trying to stop our son stealing the glue stick and chewing on cards.

So have you ever done anything a bit crazy like this? Love to hear some different and unique stories before your big day or something that happened at your wedding that was just brilliant and different to the usual traditional weddings. Just send me an email, lovelies!

Disclosure: I am getting my invites for free but this is a true story and did NOT expect anything in return from Hello Lucky. Thanks to but USA and UK team for their kind words!

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