Unique & Casual Bridal Shoes

I have a confession to make. I cannot walk in heels. I've lived my whole life in flat shoes and adore my Converses and Rocket Dogs. Of course I drool over the pretty heels that I see in shops every day but the moment I try them on I either can't get my ugly feet into them or I am in pain the second I try standing in them. So I thought why would I want to put my feet in so much pain on such a special day of my life? Why would I want to say "I do" through gritted teeth and teeths of pain starting to show in the corner of my eyes?

So I went onto Converse's website and found they now do customising, perfect answer!

What I love is I can design them as I want and also add a name on the back. I was going to put "The Bride" but then I thought I could enjoy these shoes after the big day and so thought I'd put my new name on them instead. I'm very happy with this design, might play a bit more with the website to see what else I can do but so far I love the soft pink and white love hearts. I've actually suggested my fiancé gets himself some to wear as well, it's just so us!

What's brilliant about these shoes? They cost around £60! Now that's a bargain in my eyes and I won't have to worry about my feet getting sore and filling up with blisters.

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rabs said...

what a great idea, and your staying true to you. i saw another bride had blinged up her trainers. wish i could have done that.x

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