Unique Bridal Bouquet?

So we have been in a bit of a bother lately. Our budget of £4,000 has been tricky to work with as so many places seem to say "Weddings from £3,500" which is just no good as that would leave us with £500 to spend on other bits and bobs, we have the dress but there's a ton of other things we'd need to pay for outside that basic cost that venues are offering in our area.

Now I'm a geeky girl, I love gaming, blogging and have a thing for My Little Pony (if you haven't seen the new series by Lauren Faust I suggest you do!) and all this pretty girly flowery stuff just isn't me, infact it isn't either of us. We are both gamers and and geeks by nature so figured... why not put geek into our wedding?

This is where I drew a blank. How can I show my love of games and all things geeky in my bouquet? Do I need to have flowers or can I just say sod that and do something else, and if so what would that something else be?

I'm stuck, people, and I could use some ideas!


iheartbuttons said...

Hey :) Button bouquets can be themed with anything that can be wired. In fact, one bouquet I am going to be making will contain an actual small My Little Pony for their 80's themed wedding. These are the kind of bouquets I LOVE making as I can really let my creativity loose lol. If interested, let me know :)

Mel said...

have you been to offbeatbride.com? they have tons of different ideas. their pinterest boards are also full of inspiration, they even have a geek wedding board.

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