Five Tips on a Budget Wedding

We aren't rolling in the money and we have been lucky that both my parents and my fiancé's parents have been kind enough to give us some money to make our day a reality. But how do you keep to your budget and still have the wedding you always wanted?

If you are able to do any day of the week then try to go for a weekday. You could save yourself a fair bit of money by going for a weekday instead of the weekend.

Okay I'm not saying you should do every little detail yourself, but why not ask family and friends if they can help you out? If you know someone that runs a florist maybe you can do a deal with them and get your wedding flowers sorted cheaper then other stores, or perhaps your mother-in-law happens to be very handy at baking. I love designing stuff on Photoshop and want my invites to be unique rather than bought from a shop that hundreds of other people are using every year, and I'm only looking at a small wedding so I'm not going to run a huge bill when it comes to printer ink and paper.

EBay & Etsy
I love these websites, almost addicted! If you don't mind second hand stuff then EBay is great. You can find so many things for your wedding on Etsy too! If you aren't handy with Photoshop you can find people willing to do some very high quality invites for you without the big price tag. Going for a vintage theme? Etsy has a whole area on their site for vintage.

British people tend to not do this but there is no shame in it at all. When I ran events I would try and barter the hire of the rooms down to keep the cost down. Just because their website says £12,000 for the room hire all day doesn't mean that is what you will pay. Don't be shy!

Non-Wedding Products
Lately I have seen women getting married in lovely cream dresses that are very elegant but aren't "wedding" dresses. You see you don't have to buy everything that has "wedding" infront of it. "wedding" cake for example, it's just a cake but the moment you say the W word then suddenly this cake costs triple the amount a normally cake would cost. Your bridesmaids don't have to wear bridesmaids dresses, you can easily find very nice looking dresses for them to wear from shops like Marks & Spencer. Same goes with shoes and jewellery. You'll be surprised by the differences in price!

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