Budget Dress

So I finally bought my dress. And boy did I get a nice deal for a brand new one as well! But how did I get a dress for just £199 brand new, you ask?

I'm lucky to live near a wedding dress outlet, which is a store that will sell dresses off for half or more than half the original retail price. The downside to these tends to be they only have what is there so if you find a dress you like in size 10 but you are a size 16 then you're a bit stuffed, sadly. Also you will find that you are sold "as is" meaning you buy it with the issues it may (or may not if you're lucky!) have on it. Mine was £199 and only problem really was some of the gems on one strap are starting to fall off, but nothing a seamstress can't fix.

Don't think Kate found hers in the budget section!

As usual I have to get a seamstress to fix a few things for me. This is mainly because I'm only 5'2" tall and my bust is fairly small. Thankfully knowing someone who owns a seamstress store is a bonus when trying to keep to a budget and not keen on getting your own sewing machine out on your wedding dress, no way would I let myself near my dress and a machine!

So remember to check out the sale sections of stores as they do sometimes have never worn dresses at amazing prices!

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