New Found Love of Tattoos

Actually the title is somewhat a lie. I've always had a secret love for tattoos but feared if I ever got them they'd look ugly as I aged. I now have a tattoo just above my hip on the right side of my belly, and although it did feel painful at some points and I still need to book an hour or two to get it coloured I still love it and it's made me realise I want more.

One tattoo design I want is of a mother tiger and a her cub. This is because in the Chinese New Year I was born  a Tiger and my son was also born a Tiger (I was born March of 1986 whilst my son was born April 2010). I have a keen interest in the eastern world and it's culture and this just seemed like a connection I wanted to be proud of and get an amazing bit of art on my body. The trouble is I have yet to see anything that fits the idea that I want and have no idea where it would go!

I have a love for tattoos on the upper part of the arm, however my arms are very skinny and not really that good for such an image. As for my legs... probably the one area of my body that I dislike so much. They are flabby and fat looking compared to the rest of me. About the only other area of my that is so wobbly and big is my arse, which is fine because it's basically a warm pillow that I can take around with me all day and makes most uncomfortable chairs somewhat bearable.

Love some people to throw some ideas my way. I'd rather it wasn't on my back (saving that area) and this is something I want to be able to see.

Inspiritation Board: Colourful Candy

{Bouquet} Google - Can Be Found at Happy Roses
{Candy Buffet} Candy Sweet Buffet
{Retro Candy Favours} Keep It Sweet
{Cake Stand} Sarah's Stands
{Candy Lights} DIY - Oh Happy Day

Weddingtons, Anyone?

I got an email from my own mother lastnight titled "Wedding Wellies" and thought she was having a laugh. She was not, infact she was telling the truth. Weddingtons exist and my goodness they are amazing.

You have the choice of going for a heel (see image above) or flat weddingtons. Personally I'm a sucker for the heeled weddingtons. To add a bit more of a unique feel to this already different wedding shoes you can get these personalised. These would be awesome for those countryside outdoor weddings, not having to worry about getting mud everywhere or your heels getting stuck in the soil. Hats off to the people behind this.

Check out Weddington Boots online.

Inspiration Board: Silver Sparkle & Butterflies

So this is my first inspiration board and this one is all about sparkle and butterflies for the bride.  I hope you like it!

{1} Butterfly Vintage Necklace via Magpie Vintage {2} Farfalla Silver Leather Peep Toe Shoe via Aruna Seth {3} Bridal Dress via Justin Alexander Bridal {4}Double Band Wedding Tiara via Caradan Designs (Etsy) {5} Button Bouquet via I Heart Buttons

Jewellery With a Difference

I'm a bit of a fan of Brigitte's jewellery and other work so it was only natural of me to show off some of her brilliant jewellery as a twist on the usual stuff seen worn by brides. I own a couple of her rings and necklaces and enjoy showing off some of these funky bling accessories off.  Above you can see one of my rings by Brigitte which I wore recently whilst on one of my outings to the city. She's got a few of her rings on sale at the moment, I love cupcakes so this Cupcake Ring has to get a mention.

You can find Brigitte's amazing and sparkly jewellery over on her Zombuki Etsy Shop as well as her new Nature Girl Collection which are just beautiful and each one is one of a kind. Enjoy!

We Have A Date!

We have a date for our big day! I'm currently in the process of sorting out the deposit at the moment but right now it's very much all go for 29th July 2012. Which venue did I pick?

This is The Old Library at The Custard Factory. I've been to this area of Birmingham before and it's so quirky and totally me. There's some beautiful Victorian style shops which have been painted funky colours just outside where there's a cobbled walkway, beautiful indoor area for photographs, wicked looking shops, some more traditional industrial areas as well as some graffiti and old railway bridge as well. I'm totally stoked by this and we have decided to do the reception and ceremony here. The cost of the registry office plus car hire plus fuel for everyone else was just too much and was a huge fuss for everyone as we'd all have to drive into the city centre which is not everybody's cup of tea.

So there we have it, everyone. The Geek Bride has a date! I guess I should start getting other things sorted. I hear a registrar is a must-have.

To DIY Food or Not?

This is the first venue that has actually offered us to bring our own food or use their own catering services. But is it really any better to go with a DIY option?

For us it actually works out expensive to go DIY. We like the idea of getting everyone to bring different food, but seeing as we are looking at a small group of family for a meal (with friends being invited to the evening party later on) the £25 per person option came up trumps for us.

So what's the numbers? Well I've done my number crunching with the idea of 25 people (currently looking more like 22) and food plus drink is £875. The hire of the room is £720 so that's £1,595 already totalled up. To hire the room for self-catering it would cost £1,980. This cost doesn't include food or drink at all so really made us question whether self-catering is best for our budget. Currently we are having to say no to it. The first option actually allows me to go with the wedding photographer than I have fallen in love with AND still have some budget left over for anything I may have forgotten or if something goes deeply wrong.